World Hepatitis Day – Grade – 1st

World Hepatitis Day
Dear Parents
World Hepatitis Day is commemorated every year on 28th July to enhance awareness of Viral Hepatitis. This year’s theme is ‘Hepatitis Free Future’, with a strong focus on preventing Hepatitis B among children. This day is celebrated every year to create awareness in the community at large, especially school children and high- risk groups, about hygiene, safe water supply and vaccination to prevent Hepatitis.
We take this opportunity to guide/aware and educate our Grade 1 scholars on this World Hepatitis Day.
Grade 1 scholars can prepare on any of the topics given below on (31st July-Saturday virtually through zoom from 12:00 noon to 1:00 pm.)

  1. Any awareness message/slogan displayed on a chart paper or a placard.
  2. Talk about the group of infectious disease (Hepatitis A, B, C, D & E.)
  3. How can the disease be prevented, diagnosed and treated?
  4. Sharing Videos/Presentations on World Hepatitis Day.
    Coordinator Grade-1