World Food Safety Day – Grade-1

Dear Parents
The ‘World Food Safety Day’ is celebrated on June 7 every year and focusses on influencing attention and motivating measures to help, prevent detect and manage food borne risks consequently contributing to food security, human health, economic and viable development. In order to celebrate this day Grade I has scheduled an online virtual event on June 7 to address good food production and safety.
We all have a role to play from a farm to the table to ensure that the food we eat is safe and does not harm our health.

During the pandemic times we can celebrate the ‘World Food Safety Day’ by giving food to those who need it most.
We take this opportunity to guide and educate our Grade I students via various activities on this food safety day. Children can prepare on any of the topics given below:

  1. Any awareness message/slogan displayed on a chart paper or a placard.
  2. How does ‘Food Safety’ save lives.
  3. Talk about hygiene and well equipped kitchen.(Small speech/presentation with props if required)
  4. Mentioning few ways for ‘Preservation of raw food and cooked food”.
  5. Sharing videos on healthy and hygienic foods.

Coordinator Grade 1