War of Words – Grade – 9th & 10th

Participants : Competition between Grade  9th and 10th

Dated: 7 JUNE 2021

Time:  2pm to 4pm

Rules of the event are as follows

  • This event is a team participation wherein a team of 10 members ;5 members speaking for the motion and other 5 members speaking against the motion.
  • Grade 10 students will speak for the motion whereas Grade 9 students will speak against .
  • Each speaker will be allotted 6 minutes to speak and time limit should be strictly followed.
  • A first bell will ring to indicate the speaker to start his/her speech.
  • A second bell will ring after the due completion of 6 minutes to indicate the speaker to wind up his/her speech.
  • Gesticulation and reading from a paper will entail negative marking.
  • The order for speaking will be determined by the host
  • Its mandatory for the participants to turn on their videos during the event.       
  • All group chat settings will be turned off during the debate.
  • All speakers must address their arguments to the panel of judges and not to each other directly.
  • Formal decorum needs to be maintained all through the debate completely avoiding any personal remarks or unparliamentarily language.
  • Debates will be assessed by evaluating the matter and manner of each team, matter relates to the issues addressed in the debate and the arguments used to advance a position.
  • All participants must be in FULL SCHOOL UNIFORM.
  • Adjudicators should evaluate the relevance of the issues identified by the debater’s   and the strength of the evidence offered to support the debater’s claims.
  • Manner refers to a debater’s presentation and strategy. Adjudicators should evaluate the effectiveness of the debaters’ organisation and structure, their engagement of issues and each debaters’ presentation of their arguments.
  • The decision of the judges will be final.
  • Mode of the event is online and the link will be shared  half an hour prior to the meeting.
  • All participants will join the online meeting 15 minutes before the given time slot.
  • The result of the debate competition will be flashed on the school website.
Dated: 7 JUNE 2021
Time:  2pm to 4pm