Primary Olympiad Mock Tests Information

Please find the details of the Mock Paper below 

Dates of Exam :

7th November 2020- English

8th November 2020- Maths

21st November 2020- Science

Exam Time Window : 11 am to 5 pm

Duration :

Grade 1 and 2 : 60 min

Grade 3 and 4 : 75 min

Grade 5 : 90 min

Exam Link :

You need to login into your LMS Account 

The LMS ID and password has already been sent to you when you registered email id.

*Once appeared for one subject, it cannot be attempted again.

Under mentioned are the pre-requisites and instructions for an online exam:

Please read the instructions below carefully.

1. The test will be best viewed in 1024 x 768 or higher screen resolution in the chrome, firefox, opera browsers. Please ensure that you are opening this test in any one of these browsers.

2. You need to login into your LMS ID for attempting the test. Please note once you log in, it will ask user id and password once more. (Your LMS ID and password has already been mentioned in the registration email and also mentioned in the books of the child.)

3. Each screen (page) represents a single question with one or more sub questions under it.

4. The yellow color on the question button indicates the question has one or more unanswered sub-questions and the green color on the question button indicates that all the sub-questions in that respective question are answered.

5. You can save your entered answer by clicking the “SAVE ANSWER” button. The answer also gets automatically saved on clicking the “NEXT” button.

6. You can go to the next question by clicking the “NEXT” button

7. You can also go to the previous question by clicking the “BACK” button.

8. You can also attempt any question directly by clicking the question buttons appearing on the top of the page.

9. You can submit your paper by clicking the “SUBMIT” button on the last page of the question paper. After submitting the paper you will not be allowed to reappear for the exam.

10. During the exam, if there is a power cut or loss of internet connection, you can log in again with the same id and password and continue answering the exam. In such cases, you will get the paper with the previously remaining time and with the answers, you have entered previously already filled in.

11. The time left for the exam will be continuously displayed on the top right corner.

12. The duration for each exam has been displayed in the table given at the start of the instructions. You will be given two warnings one 15 minutes prior to end time and the other five minutes before the end time. Once the time period lapses the paper will be automatically submitted.

13. For the Maths exam, you may solve the question on a rough paper and just write the final answer in the text box provided.

14. For any further information, please feel free to write at or Facebook page or below contact numbers.

 For any clarification required, please contact us at 8826444211 or 9560023326 (Between 10 to 6 pm ) 

Thanks & Regards,