Dear Goenkans,
Hope you are all fine with the grace of the Almighty Allah.
There are regular uploads of the Music video songs on our school’s Youtube channel. Each one of you is acquainted to listen and practice the same.
Now, the music department is bringing in few more initiatives. Along with the periodic videos, we are going to offer you the opportunity to take part in a music competition. The Karaoke of the uploaded songs will be made available which can be used for submitting your entries. Soon the notification will follow in the website.
We are also initiating some uploaded information about “Great Music Masters” and “Instruments” to arouse your understanding, awareness and enthusiasm. All Goenkans are, hereby, advised to refer to these uploads. At the end of each month, there will be a set of quizzes that will be related to all these uploaded supplements.
Active participation of all students from all grades will be appreciated though these are voluntary. The theme of August will be “Information on Music Masters”. Refer to the uploads and be prepared for the month end event.

Warm regards and best wishes.

(Music Department )