Live Broadcasting of Lessons

Together, as we continue to voyage through these uncharted times of the Covid -19 pandemic, each small step towards basic routine is a matter of greater success for us. We are glad to announce, that together in these steps of bringing normalcy and routine for children, the school has been running smoothly for the last two weeks for grades VI-X as per the stated directives of the government. Further, the physical classes for primary grades i.e Grade I-V will start from 15.03.2021 in the staggered manner as mentioned in the school reopening plan uploaded earlier. On one side, where we highly appreciate the cooperation of parents as well as acknowledge the delight, excitement, and enthusiasm in children for coming back to their school, meeting friends, teachers, we are equally considerate towards the reluctance of those parents who due to some reasons are not able to send their wards presently. We have also taken into account many other issues, which one way or other has been a cause of inconvenience for many of us, like school transport facility, online classes, etc. Moreover, while one group of the students are physically present at school, we do not want another group to be away from the direct instructional medium which breaks the continuity and the rhythm of the teaching-learning process. Keeping in view all parental concerns and equality and steadiness of educational opportunity for one and all, we have chalked out the following plan, which will be implemented from 15.03.2021 across all the grades. (Grade I-X)
Live- Streaming of lessons:
 Live streaming of classes will be carried on from 15.03.2021 for all the grades. This means while one group of students ( for example Roll no 1-15) are present in the school, the another group of students can join the same class through Zoom App.
 The schedule and credentials for each grade can be downloaded from our school website.
 The classes will be held from 10: 00 am to 2: 00 pm.
 The lessons will be conducted on daily basis, emphasizing here that there will be no repetition of the same topic.
 The supporting content for the topic being taught, i.e., PDF and video lessons will be uploaded as usual.
Transport Facility:
 School transport facility will be available from 16.03.2021 i.e., Tuesday.
 The students will be boarded as per their scheduled turn, i.e., roll no 1-15 on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays and roll no 16 onwards on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays.
 For individual pick and drop timing, kindly contact the transport department.
In the best interest of health safety, it is compulsory,

  1. All commuters to wear face cover/masks on the bus. Students without masks will not be allowed to board the bus.
  2. Students must carry a small sanitizer with them.
  3. Students will be oriented not to touch surfaces unnecessarily.
  4. No eatables will be allowed on the bus.
  5. Students must patiently wait for their turn to board or alight from the vehicle keeping a safe distance.
  6. No child without consent form will be accepted within the school premises.
    In case, the child is unwell with any of the symptoms, it is advisable to let him/her stay home. The child must be isolated and tested for Covid and the report must submitted to the school. This is for the safety of all others.
    Thus soliciting your support, we look forward to your cooperation in making this endeavor a success.