Five Senses Scavenger Hunt

Respected Parents
The upcoming virtual activity for Grade Nursery will be”Five Senses Scavenger Hunt” scheduled on Friday 04 June. The activity will be performed during regular zoom online session.
Students will virtually play a game where in they will hunt for following things around:

  1. Something that makes a crunch sound
  2. Find something that tastes sour/sweet/bitter/salty.
  3. Find something that is smooth/rough/ hard.
  4. Few things of different colors and shapes.
  5. Find something that smells good/ bad
    Students can speak few sentences about senses and sense organs.
    They can make dough /clay model of sense organs and display same during the session.
    Students can draw any sense organs on chart/white paper and paste some thing that we sense with that particular sense organ ( e.g draw tongue and paste sugar/ salt next to that)