Environment Preservation Drive Grade – 2nd

Environment Preservation Drive:
The theme of this year is “Connecting people back to Nature!
Someone has rightly said: “Let’s nurture nature so that we can have a better future.”
Goenka’s has a long observance of taking care of the environment!
To sensitize students towards the need and preservation of the environment, we Grade 2’ Goenkans are inaugurating some important activities on 5th of June 2021. This is an important step towards creating environmental awareness among students and to take important strides for taking vigilance of the environment and to uphold the ecological balance of Nature.
Some of the activities that will be conducted during the event are as follows:
Brainstorming ways to go green ( wherein Teachers will be asking students to discuss how they can help to conserve the environment at home, at school, and in the community).
Planting a tree in your garden.
Slogan Writing (wherein Students can write slogans to create awareness among everyone about the theme).
Environment day craft (Pebble painting -Students can paint different shapes and sizes of pebbles and can write a slogan, theme, or thought they can also draw a pertinent drawing of the environment day).
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