Eid Ul Fitr Special – “Virtual Party”

Laughter is the best Medicine!!!
We all know that the ongoing pandemic has not only upended the educational lives of our children but has also had
a severe impact on their social and mental health. Caged due to lockdowns, with an inflow of unpleasant news from
every end, and anxiety of losing loved ones has placed our children in such a state where routine life seems a distant
dream. Thus, there is a great need for providing few moments of laughter, love, and pleasure, especially when
special occasions like Eid have to be celebrated within the four walls of the home. So on the virtuous occasion of
Eid ul Fitr, Grade 5 G.D.Goenka has organized a Virtual Tea Party on 17-05-2021 from 10: 00 am to 11: 30 am
where all the students invited to participate, laugh, sing, and have few fun-filled hours. The main objective of the
event is to instill social skills as well as provide a platform for students to express themselves. Some of the activities
to be conducted during the event are as below:

  1. Showcase your favourite toy
  2. Sharing Funny Experiences
  3. Singing
  4. Solving Puzzles
  5. Interacting with
    It is necessary to our health, well-being, and stress levels that we don’t confuse physical distancing with social
    isolation. We all need each other, maintaining our social connections as much as we can, which is a must to
    functioning well through this crisis. So get ready, set your mood and join us for a virtual cup of tea, to have some
    fun filled moments!!!