Grade – 2

Global Tiger Day – Grade – 2nd

Dear ParentsGreetings!On the eve of International Tiger Day, Grade 2, G.D. Goenka is organizing a virtual event on 30.07.2021“Global Tiger Day”, often called The International Tiger Day which marks the annual celebration to increase awareness for tiger conservation, is held annually on 29th July

Eid-ul-Fitr-Virtual Party

Let’s have some fun!This year, the Eid celebrations anticipated being muted due to the second wave of the Covid-19 pandemic.An inflow of nasty news from every end and the anxiety of losing loved ones has placed our children in such a state where routine life seems frigid.Thus, there is a great

Journey of Ramadhan

Grade 2 has scheduled an activity “Journey of Ramadhan” on Wednesday,12-05-2021Activity will be performed by children.The students will be divided into groups. They will ascertain the self-mastery of one’s physical desires and how to maintain self-control.By doing this exercise the

Tribute to Mother

Grade 2 has scheduled an activity “Tribute to Mother” on Saturday, 08-05-2021Mother’s day is a momentous day of the year. A mother holds a special place in the hearts of children, so being responsible.Grade 2 Goenkans will honour this day, to pay admiration and express gratitude to

Show and Tell

Grade 2 has scheduled an online interactive activity “Show and Tell” on Thursday ,06-05-2021Activity will be performed by children during an online class.The students will keep their favourite toy handy and will be given a chance to enunciate about the same.By doing this exercise the chi