Author: GDGoenka

Healthy Tiffin Show – Nursery

“YOUR DIET IS A BANK ACCOUNT. GOOD FOOD CHOICES ARE GOOD INVESTMENTS”Respected parentsGreetings!We are conducting an online activity “Healthy Tiffin Show” for Nursery students on Saturday 19th June.The activity will be performed during regular zoom session.Students will displ

Salad Making Activity – K.G. Grade

Salad is an amazing treat to the taste buds. Salads play a very important role in our diet.To explain the same Grade KG has scheduled “Fruit Salad Activity” on 12-06-2021.This activity will help the children to understand the importance of fruits in the daily diet.In this activity Children will

Olympics – Sports Deptt.

Dear Goenkans, Hope you are all fine with the grace of the Almighty Allah. There are regular uploads of the sports video exercises in the school’s You tube page. Each one of you are advised to practice the same and stay healthy.  Along with the regular videos, we are going to upload sports GK

Cleaner World – Grade – K.G.

Taking care of yourself starts with taking care of your planet.World Environment Day reminds us to pay tribute to Environment and it is an opportunity to teach kids about recycling and eco-friendly living.Everyone needs to work together for a cleaner world.With great enthusiasm we would like to info

World Food Safety Day – Grade-1

Dear ParentsGreetings!The ‘World Food Safety Day’ is celebrated on June 7 every year and focusses on influencing attention and motivating measures to help, prevent detect and manage food borne risks consequently contributing to food security, human health, economic and viable development. In ord